Are Blue Light Glasses Becoming Very Necessary?

Are you addicted to electronic devices like computer TV mobile screens etc then you might have faced the blue light which for a long turn can harm your eyes? Now, can the Blue light be omitted? So, that it can’t harm your eyes.

In the survey, it is declared that some lenses can filter out harmful rays from those devices. Renowned glass companies like Warby Parker and Felix grey, lenskart claims their glasses can prevent harmful blue lights which causes insomnia, headache, ice strain, eye itching, etc.

Are they becoming necessary?

Smartphones, tablets, laptops are becoming our daily life partners. So in case you are facing eye issues using those devices then you might have heard that Blue glasses can help. But is it helpful?

According to the research of the University of Manchester yellow light is more harmful to our eyes than blue light.

So why is blue light said to be harmful? Blue light is not so harmful for our eyes. The problems which generally occurs in our eyes are due to the misuse of electronic devices.

Inside our eyes there present some photoreceptors, namely “melanopsin” a kind of pigment which generally keeps us alert in the daytime. But what about sleeping? There may have some other problems too.

Researchers don’t have any proper data about glasses which can block the blue light properly. But those companies making a hype in society, only for their marketing and sales, so that people can buy their products. American Academy of ophthalmology reported not to use such kinds of blue light protecting glasses. Because it’s useless. Mcgovern medical school also declared that they didn’t find any proper data that completely blocked Blue light from electronic screens.

So, blue light blocking glasses are not a solution. You must have to control yourself so that you can spend less time in front of smartphones, computers, and tablets also making at least a 25-inch distance from the screen. Don’t use high brightness in low-light room conditions, it affects your eyes.

Try to blink your eyes at least 7 times a minute so that the blink rate doesn’t drop below 50%. Continuous blinking can reduce eye strain as well as such problems, mentioned earlier.

Finally, an ophthalmologist can recommend better than a glass company right ? so what is happening to your eyes that couldn’t be solved on your own because you don’t know which thing can remove that problem. So don’t spend much money on buying blue glasses, rather take precautions to stay away from such eye problems and if not help? call an ophthalmologist, take advice and check up your eyes.

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