Microsoft developed a new technology which can change the way of communication in the future. Can you virtually teleport from one space to another in real time? This technology is known as holoportation.For this, a new type of 3D capture technology was used.


Imagine a man surrounded by 3D cameras developed by the Microsoft team. The data collected from these cameras from different view points are fused together to generate a temporally consistent model. The camera used for filming has a hololens tracking system attached enabling the team to capture 3D models with their composition in real time into the real world. After having these reconstructions, they are textured, compressed and transmitted to the other side. On the other side, a user wearing a hololens can view these remote participants in front of them virtually. The system has another capability. It can record and playback that entire session like reversing through time. Wearing the hololens device enables the user to experience like walking into a living memory which is visible from another pair of eyes from different perspectives.

However, it can also be miniaturized into a small size and can be experienced more conveniently. Holoportation allows us to to teleport to any with anyone at any time throughout the world.

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