How social media apps helped people in spending time in COVID lockdown?

It is not surprising to find people spending more time in apps in the COVID-19 lockdown. The fact that humans are social creatures by nature is the most apparent explanation for the rise in usage of social media. Reports show that during the first few weeks of the lockdown, the use of social media in India had increased by more than 80%, than that a week before the lockdown. The country went into a nationwide lockdown from March 24 and with everyone being isolated, social media became the only way to talk to people.

What were people doing?

Social media apps were the only means to stay connected to the rest of the world, during the lockdown period. Social networking applications like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter were used by people to spend their idle time and collect world knowledge. The lockdown was particularly traumatic for the younger generation. Unable to leave their homes, and in an attempt to reduce loneliness they relied on the social media to preserve their social ties.

The global pandemic had left most people feeling anxious and searching for help and support amid the ongoing uncertainty. Therefore, people felt the need to remain connected more than ever before. While apps like Zoom and Google meet were used for online classes in various institutions and universities, they were also being used informally to interact with family and friends. Social media was the one and only support for people who were unable to return home due to lockdown in their working countries.

Social media enabled people to remain optimistic and motivated throughout the pandemic via motivational posts and messages. Social media platforms helped people erase their depression and anxiety, through entertaining memes, quotes, songs and many more.

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