Is Mobile camera Software more important than camera Hardware?

What pops out from your mind when you think about what you really want from your Smartphone? Okay Let me guess! Is it a good camera?

Of course! Cameras are one of the main attractions of a Smartphone.
We all want a good camera hardware that will give a smart appearance to the Smartphone along with an outstanding performance throughout the life of the phone. But a good camera software is also needed to provide the user experience. Behind all the good camera experience that a Smartphone provides, there’s a hardware and a software working well in tandem.

Now Let’s jump into the topic.
It’s quite difficult to answer it as the impact of hardware and software in a resulting picture is sometimes hard to discern.

Which really is more important?

Camera Hardware

Some mobile camera hardware can perform exceptionally good irrespective of the software used. Exceptional camera hardware doesn’t even need any post-processing effect and when it comes to low-lighting photographs, a good camera hardware has the power to verge the most advanced post-processing algorithm. Good camera hardware hardly becomes obsolete as we can provide software updates indefinitely to enhance picture quality. Moreover, Good camera hardware can allow for cutting edge technology that is virtually impossible to replicate through software.

Camera Software

But we’ve reached a turning point where the software experience is equally important as the camera hardware capabilities of the device.
A camera software can do wonders to enhance , composite and change even a mediocre photograph into a looker. Amazing photographs come out even in low-light ,once the post processing took place. Sometimes they look brighter and more detailed and still remain solid. Some post-processing algorithms of some camera software are unbelievable at their job. Camera software comes with many shooting modes and features And the best part is a good auto-mode that can make the picture-taking experience much better than a hardware powerhouse phone without good camera software.

Having great camera software doesn’t mean that you can get by with poor hardware. Moreover Good camera hardware allows for things that are not easily replicable through software which is more beneficial than good software updates in bad camera hardware. But Software can be upgraded through various updates and effortlessly convert a very simple picture to a whole new level.

Finally, a good camera hardware along with a good auto-mode is preferred for a good camera experience in Smartphone that typically relies on a camera software.

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