Kolkata beats London on Electric Vehicle Adoption

A global study has noted that Kolkata has one of the largest fleet of electric buses, the study features six global megacities for its faster adoption of electric vehicles in mass transportation.

The electric buses run by WBTC.

Kolkata has always been at the forefront of Metropolitan public transport innovation in India. India’s first metro services began in Kolkata on 24 October 1984. Kolkata metro, may not be the biggest metro network in India now, but it is the second most busiest metro railway in India after Delhi Metro.

Kolkata has some of the most diverse varieties of public transport still operating in India. It has the signature yellow cabs, the share autorickshaws, the oldest surviving tram network in Asia, river ferries, app cabs, cycle rickshaws, and many types of bus services, including double deckers.

Recent additions to the bus fleet by the government bus operator, West Bengal Transport Corporation have been the Electric Buses. With more than 100 electric buses run by the WBTC, the government really has taken efforts for a clean and green future. Kolkata, having the largest number of electric buses in India, along with it’s electric tram network is a good case study of electric mass transit.

Kolkata is at number 3, ahead of London in this list at electric vehicle adoption for public transport.

The penetration of electric buses into the state bus fleet will help to carry down the air pollution stage and help in incentivizing the production of electric buses in the country.

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