– a dramatic debate 🎭

If Films work due to three reasons, then OTT works on “Content is king”.
So folks! grab your drinks and popcorn cause this debate’s about to get dramatic.

Direct-to-digital release platforms has witnessed a massive rift in the film industry and with the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown as an add on, the competition between the OTT and theatres has become grossly uneven.

Theatre’s monologue --
Behaving as an escape room where the bodily movements are restrained and the eyes are transfixed on the light coming from a wall, theatres behave as a spiritual awakening to all. Where the connection happens organically, in the absence of ‘pause and play’. Leaving aside what has been done, one will realize that straight-to-OTT is not a wise decision at all as revenues from other avenues such as TV satellite rights are also lost.

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