Post-Covid impact on Businesses.

May be it can a small business or a large business COVID 19 had affected in an awful manner. All the major industries of the world are currently dealing with the devastating effects of Covid 19.The COVID 19 pandemic outbreak has forced many business to close. From manufacturing to marketing 2020 has seen shifts in the business and organisations due to the deadly virus. Retailers and brands face many short-term challenges, such as related to health and safety, the supply chain, cash flow, sales and marketing. Many markets of different fields, no longer exist.

There will be many changes.

We all know that mobile based applications are the need of today, but some of the android developers forced to face the consequences of this pandemic. Many app developer’s company like Hyperlink infosystem, cubix etc. continued to raise their presence by providing the best features, giving amazing experiences with help and support. The pandemic has almost left us high and dry. Industry experts are facing unprecedented economic fall and cut offs. At the same time we experienced ‘Work from Home’ which was more reliable, effortless and trouble-free to work for their respective companies. As all the things has gone online, Online communication, Online entertainment, Online shopping are seeing unprecedented growth.

The spanish flu from hundred years back showed us that widespread disease causes high impact on business and economic activites. And the Covid-19 is no different. For any business to survive in such times, business owners must be aware of new opportunities and optimse their business models. The lockdown announced to slow the spread of infection has led to many employees working from home, especially for IT, Software and consulting sectors. Now, with people spending a large amount of their time online, businesses have a golden opportunity to increase their online presence.

With Work From Home being the new normal, employees don’t have to go to their offices and they can work from home very easily. Many of the employees are quite known to this process but for many of the employees it is a new concept. This process came into existence for saving our lives and without any fear we can do our work. But definitely it should not be permanent but as of now it’s very important for everyone to follow the rules and regulations and work accordingly.

As we all know everything has a good side and bad side too, this pandemic has also the same. It has affected people’s but also taught many things. Overall this pandemic has impacted us in many way but it has unpleasant consequences and ethical as well.

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