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SnapLingo is completely Made In India

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An advanced product with solved user needs and promised ease.
Snaplingo presents you with the ability of digitalised images and avoided difficulties for all phases. A guide to simply click a picture of hard-copied documents with focal visibility will be converted to scanned product. This comes with auto-crop and enhanced quality to set in for your industry standard image.

● Pictures can be scanned from Camera input or Gallery according to your convenience. Just use your camera to digitalize the documents uncategorised and unspecified.
● Comes along is the Smart cropper and magnified view after which will enable you to have an enhanced scanned and detailed image quality meeting industry standard.
● An attractive feature to add filters to the captured image in accordance to need with premium colours and resolutions.
● Types of documents to conversion leads qualitative planes. Creating PDF after scanning images or saving it for later editing serves your purpose. Save them as doc or PDF.
● Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps to auto detect texts in image for further editing. Being handy is also a highlighting feature of Simple Text Editor.
● Locate/search/translate/merge texts from images creating a perfectly neat document.
● Share and Generating QRs will lend a great help to you in linking it with social media transfers.
● It serves your purpose of an easy phone scanner and enhanced highlighted features with best quality.
These are the milestones that we have achieved so far:(as of 31–07–2020)
● Over 1200 downloads in Google Play Store within a week.
● 200+ reviews on Google Play Store.
● 4.8 rating on Google Play Store.

● Recently developed SnapLingo stands among some of the remarkable apps in the domain of Document Scanning and OCR.

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