The Joy of Pandal Hopping in Pujo and what to do in 2020?

“Raatbhor torjor koto utsobe makha, toi-toi hoi-choi shob thik kore rakha “– indeed a line only Bongs will understand. With hardly two weeks left for the most awaited festival of Bengalis, Durga Puja, Bongs must have already made a list of pandals to visit this year. Not just a festival, pujo is an emotion.

From guzzling over lip-smacking bhog to endless adda with friends pandal hopping is much more than just exploration of pandal structures and idols. Although we enjoy egg rolls, chaats and jhalmuri throughout the year, the joy of gorging over these delicacies with our gang in food stalls during pujo is unbeatable. We don’t mind standing in long queues in front of stalls for our coupon number to be called, it is tiring but it is fun.

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Pujo without adda is incomplete. Adda means gossips and fun-conversations and pujo pandals can be the best place to have it. This is the time of the year when everyone comes back to their hometown, catches up with old friends and relatives, drags some chairs to form a circle and starts the never- ending adda.

Bengalis are known to be the epitome of art and pujo can be the best time to witness various art forms. With the increasing number of pandals and varying themes one has to visit as many number of pandals he can. Apart from the grand idols and pandals, the unique illumination and décor turns Kolkata into a fairy town during night!

Throughout the year Bongs wait for those five special pujo days to look their best. Pujo shopping starts months earlier and none can wait to flaunt matching accessories and makeup during pandal hopping. Moreover we all have that DSLR friend in our group who makes our pujo shaaj worth it by clicking amazing photos to flaunt on our social media pages.

The traditional dhunuchi nach during sondhye aroti in pandals is something one cannot afford to miss. The whole pandal fills up with the intoxicating fragrance of dhunuchi and rhythmic beats of dhaak. The bhog consisting of khichudi, chachari, alu bhaja, beguni, chatni served at pujo pandals is perhaps the tastiest meal ever!

This year, however due to the Covid-19 situation, it might be impossible to have that traditional pandal hopping due to health concerns.

So we have created an andriod application to solve your problems. It is named “Utsav”. The main motive of this app is that, those who are unable to go out of their homes can sit at home and enjoy the Durga Puja without regretting the fact of not going out and enjoying. We hope that this app will surely help people enjoy the Durga Puja to their heart’s content and also deal with this pandemic situation effectively.

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