Top 5G Smartphones 2020

With the advancement of science and technology, we have been introduced to the latest generation of cellular networks: the futuristic 5G, the proud successor of 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. If you’re having confusion over which 5G smartphone to choose, well don’t you worry, here we came to your rescue. The latest ultra-modern list of smartphones are waiting underneath just for you.


Galaxy S20 FE

This one with its excellent features is quite affordable than the others in this list. It comes with a fast processor, brilliant camera and a long battery life. On the other hand, it’s devoid of space zooming feature and its low light imaging is not upto the mark. Well, every device has its fair share of pros and cons. Don’t lose your hope, the list has just begun.


Galaxy S20+

This edition is a bit costly, however, it can be termed as the best 5G smartphone available in the market. It is indeed world class as it’s equipped with space zooming feature, 8K video resolution, dynamic Amoled 2X, LPDDR5 RAM making it super fast, all day battery with super fast charging, and other brilliant features. Impressive, right? While, on the dark side, it doesn’t come with a headphone jack and in-display fingerprint can be a bit troublesome.

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OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro

3. OnePlus 8:

This edition of OnePlus is one of the most affordable 5G smartphones you can think of buying at the moment. This device has 9 Hz fluid display (isn’t it lovely?!), Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G (aren’t you getting fast and furious vibes here?), slim and sleek design, and 48mp triple camera. However, the camera is not as good as the expensive ones, it’s devoid of millimeter-wave 5G on T-mobile and unfortunately lacks wireless charging. Don’t get disheartened. We’re keeping your options open.

4. OnePlus 8 Pro:

This edition, well, is too good to be true. It comes with a 120 Hz fluid display (Ooh la la la!), Warp charge 30 wireless, 48mp Quad camera just for the photographer in you, Oxygen OS (smooth!). Well, well, it’s also equipped with next generation wifi technology ie, Wi-Fi 6! It comes with a lot of pros, but we can’t ignore the cons: the 5G can only be used on T-Mobile and the night mode lags behind its competitors.

5. Motorola Moto Edge+

Moto Edge+

Motorola’s Verizon- exclusive Moto Edge+ has the superior 5G speed and is brilliantly fast because of the 12GB DDR5, it has the most lovely display with a billion shades of colour as it is equipped with HDR10+, and the camera quality can be compared to that of a DSLR as it comes with a 108mp triple camera. The audio is marvelous as the audio tuned from Waves, recipient of technical Grammy Award. The battery is huge (5000mAh battery + Turbo power) and can go for 2 days straight without charging. However, it comes with some unavoidable cons such as it is not waterproof. Overall, the device is quite breathtaking.

6. SAMSUNG GALAXY Note 20 Ultra:

Note 20 Ultra

It is one of the pricey yet, over the top competitors of 5G smartphones. Well, you can term this baby as an all-rounder with its hyper fast 5G connectivity and super fast processor (reminds me of Flash!). It comes with a stylish S pen (perfect for all your notes). It has a pro-level 8K video feature and powerful zooming capabilities and the camera is too good. It is also equipped with an intelligent battery life to adapt to the artificially intelligent world. The only cons are its size (too large!) and its price (too costly!). This model is like the cherry on top for the 5th generation smartphones.

This list is absolutely impressive yet endless. 2021 is arriving with even better 5G smartphones. But until then, Sayonara.

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